All small businesses are invariably faced with some seemingly high potential prospects who take longer than normal to convert to customers. These are the prospects who definitely need your product or service, are well-informed, price savvy, have spent time with you, and seem satisfied with your offering – but are just not ready to buy.

As a small business, sales are your primary focus – the old mantra of a.b.c.always be closing – is what you live by. So should you abandon the high potential prospects who always seem to be stuck on the buyer path?

The answer is to understand the difference between sales and engagement. While some of your customers are easy to close (and deserve immediate attention), others invariably take time to move along their customer path of awareness, consideration, and decision. But that doesn’t mean you abandon these customers. Instead, engage these leads and prospects with meaningful and targeted marketing with a singular goal of improving your marketing tactics. While these customers may not be ready to buy, do they leave likes and comments on your Social Media properties? Do they help you determine which marketing copy is better? Can you run split A/B tests?

In a nutshell, engaged prospects are better than no prospects. And, marketing automation, an increasingly accessible and affordable technology, allows you to put your prospects and leads into different ‘bins’ and set up different campaigns to engage them over a period of time.

Don’t lose prospects, use them! For more on how you can achieve this, drop us a note.


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